Kronegger GmbH

Kronegger GmbH is an Austrian based ISO 9001:2015 certified company, operating globally specialised on RFID and NFC . The company was founded in 2008 by Dr . Peter Kronegger. Since its beginning Kronegger GmbH is growing organically at a very high rate and the goals are long term oriented.

Creativity, technical know-how and a deep understanding of quality are the characteristics of our business. The organic growth of our company is achieved by creating superior value to our customers and by enhancing our customer’s competitiveness . Together with selected partners we established long-term partnerships with our customers. In addition, we have close and strategic relations with manufacturing partners to fulfil the required solution in the best and most flexible way for our customers. We focus and specialize on small slices of the value chain to do this extraordinarily well and as the best choice on the market for a complete customer solution.

We communicate extremely fluid and efficiently so we have more time to create great products very fast. Flexibility, fast execution and reliable experts stand for Kronegger GmbH.

We guarantee real value for our customers.

Kronegger GmbH – we enable NFC!