We integrate and enable NFC

Kronegger GmbH offers comprehensive software services based on our experience of many years in the RFID/NFC environment. Kronegger provides products and solutions to semiconductor, system integrators as well as component/product manufacturers in all phases of the development cycle. We are a full-service provider with an experienced team. Our specialists can assume responsibility for specific parts of your project or for the complete project. We also work regularly with partners and suppliers, and know how to collaborate with them in order to develop premium solutions that meet your needs. This ensures that we keep track of the developments on the markets and that we can ensure state of the art solutions for you.

Engineering services and integration

Software engineering is a particularly important and often underestimated aspect of the increasingly complex systems in the RFID/NFC industry, as well as in general in the software and system integration . We have technology competence and expertise in all relevant platforms and a solid track record with a focus on embedded development. To ensure best quality Kronegger use predefined building blocks as well as proven and sucesfull processes, such as:

Use Case Together with the customer, the use case of the future solution is discussed. Important parts are the planned use case in the beginning, the interoperability as well as the future possibilities, ideas and requirements. This work is a main driver and framework for further discussions and setup. Requirement Definition Based on the discussed use cases the requirements are defined between the customer and Kronegger GmbH. Therefore, a standardised process and questionnaires are used in combination with our expertise and capabilities from our track record. The end result will be a requirement specification which will be agreed by all involved parties. NFC Solution Design The solution design for the customer is build on the requirement definition and use case and will include the development of the solution . Design-In Phase Kronegger will do the actual design-in in the customer specific setup and environment. Our proven building blocks and experience will make integration fast and easy. Testing + Qualification To ensure the very best quality of the final product, we will test and verify it at various stages of development and production. We will develop testing scenarios to verify compliance with agreed specifications . NFC Forum Certification If required by the customer, Kronegger will support the customer for NFC Forum Certification or will be the main lead for the certification. This ensures a complete and certified solution for the customer. Kronegger ist also experienced to certify the solution according other worldwide standards (e.g. CE, FCC,…) Maintenance Maintenance is an essential part of the process to ensure the best support for the customer during the whole lifecycle of the solution. Kronegger offers several possibilites for enhanced maintenance if required by the customer.

  • Fast time to market for your solution
  • Customized solution with focus on deep RFID/NFC integration
  • ISO 9001 and proven quality process ensures best performance for your project
  • Proven RFID/NFC building blocks minimize project risks