Dr . Peter Kronegger is CEO and founder of Kronegger GmbH.
Peter Kronegger acted and acts as a founder, co-founder and investor of several high tech start-up companies. Based in Graz, he started Codekey Identification Systems in 1990 pioneering contactless access control systems . In 1996 Kronegger RFID Systems was created, generating generic RFID reader components. After the company was merged into ACG the “ACG Readers” became an industry standard. Peter Kronegger was CTO (chief technical officer) of ACG Identification Technologies. There he was responsible for ACG’s RFID reader R&D facility in Graz . Later on, the Entrepreneur was a founding member of Omnikey and a co-founder of United Access. Peter Kronegger was also a founding advisor and member of the supervisory board of a company specialized on silicon-micro-machine sensors for the automotive market . Currently Kronegger is investing in several other high tech start-ups. Mid 2011 he co-founded a company focused on technology for mobile contactless payment.
Peter Kronegger is a graduate of Ohio/USA (master of science in electrical engineering) and Graz Technical University (PHD in control theory).