Kronegger GmbH and NXP have a close and long-lasting relationship through several projects since the beginning of the company . To bring this partnership to the next level, Kronegger is now part of the NXP Partner Program.

Kronegger GmbH has been officially audited and selected as certified IDH (Independent Design House) Partner for NXP.

The NXP Partner Program aims to build valuable collaborative relationships with established and emerging software and systems companies around the world. NXP Partners add value to the NXP product offering by providing more options to the customers, and enables them to bring more complete solutions to market.

Kronegger GmbH provides engineering services for the following areas:

  • Design-In service and support
  • Antenna Design
  • Manufacturing with partners
  • Testing and support
  • Customized NFC Library development and adaption
  • NFC Forum Qualification and Certification support