OEM Comparison chart

Here is a comparison table with all the available options:

Nach oben
Product featuresNFC+ OEM ModuleXXL+ OEM Module
ISO 14443 A part 1,2,3
ISO 14443 B, B Prime
ISO 15693
NFC Card Emulation Mode, T=CL, 1
NFC Card Emulation Mode, T=CL, 1
NFC Reader Mode
NFC Initiator Peer-Peer active mode
NFC Target Peer-Peer active mode
NFC Initiator Peer-Peer passive mode
NFC Target Peer-Peer passive mode
SN reading, Anticollision
Read Write Support
MIFARE Authentication
Boot loader for firmware update
APDU support
SAM support
Supported technologies
MIFARE 1k, 4k, Mini
MIFARE Ultralight, Ultralight C
MIFARE Plus and DESfire EV1
Smart MX, SLE66R35, SLE66R32P
14443 A and B microcontrollers
MyD (10p, 02P, 10S, 01P)
InterfaceCMOS-TTL serial, 1200 Bit/s up to 460800 Bit/s, 8N1, ASCII and binary protocol, C# library
Power Supply3.3 to 5VCD ± 10% regulated, 20 – 100 mA
depending on the antenna
3.3 to 5VCD ± 10% regulated, 50 – 150 mA
depending on the antenna
Reading DistanceUp to 100 mmUp to 150 mm
Inputs and Outputs2 LED-outputs, 8 I/O ports shared with SAM interface, enable pin for power down
Dimensions / Weight(LxWxH) 25.5 x 30.0 x 4.8 mm ± 0.5 mm / 5 gr ± 10%
Temperature-20°C to + 80°C operational / -40°C to 85°C storage
RoHS conformity